Taichi chuan (Tai Chi) is an internal Chinese martial art often practiced for health reasons. Taichi is typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: its hard and soft martial art technique, demonstration competitions, health and longevity. Consequently, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims. Some of tai chi chuan's training forms are well known to Westerners as the slow motion routines that groups of people practice together every morning in parks around the world, particularly in China.

Today, Tai Chi has spread worldwide. Most modern styles of tai chi trace their development to at least one of the five traditional schools: Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu and Sun.

At Twin Cities Taichi School, Sifu Yim teaches Classic Yang Style in its tradition. The study of Yang Style Taichi chuan primarily involves three aspects:

Health: Style Taichi's health training concentrates on relieving the physical effects of stress on the body and mind.
Meditation: The focus and calmness cultivated by the meditative aspect of Style Taichi is seen as necessary in maintaining optimum health and in application of the form as a soft style martial art.
Self Defense: The ability to use Taichi as a form of self-defense in combat is the test of a student's understanding of the art. Taichi chuan martially is the study of appropriate change in response to outside forces; the study of yielding and "sticking" to an incoming attack rather than attempting to meet it with opposing force.

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